Birdoswald Roman Fort

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A Roman fort, turret and milecastle can all be seen at Birdoswald so it is the perfect destination to learn about life there 2000 years ago. Learn more about the history of the area in the Visitor Centre or take part in a practical Discovery Visit led by expert staff. Discovery Visits are the perfect way to explore the site in more detail and enable children to get hands on. Here at Birdoswald Roman Fort, children can ‘Meet a Roman Soldier’ and find out what life was like for a Roman soldier on the frontier; get creative in the ‘Crafty Romans’ session and choose to make a Roman helmet, piece of jewellery or even a mosaic. A fun interactive tour is also offered – a perfect opportunity to develop understanding through discussion and artefacts. Available to download from the English Heritage website are additional teacher resources including a Hazard Information Sheet and Information for Teachers sheet.

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