Brading Roman Villa

Brading mosaic, © mark hogan, <a href=''target='_new'>Wikimedia Commons</a>
Brading Roman Villa is an impressive site. Outside a designated area of outstanding natural beauty, inside the museum offers a fascinating look at how the Romans lived. With Roman archaeology, mosaic floors, interactive displays, a Roman garden and meadow trail, your pupils have much to do on their visit.

With something to offer to all Key Stages, Brading Roman Villa provides bespoke visits for specific topics, as well as set workshops and activities:

- Who am I? investigates artifacts and puts them into their Roman context.
- Magnetic Mosaic recreates mosaic designs in the villa.
- Digging up the past offers the children a chance to be an archaeologist.
- Compass Work uses photography to examine the different uses for the surrounding land over its long history.

For more information and to book please contact [email protected] or call 01983 406223.