Dolaucothi Gold Mines

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Dolaucothi changed forever once the Romans arrived; the Gold Mines here are the only known Roman gold mines in the whole of the UK and we've a glimpse of their amazing gold-mining methods. The skilled Roman men worked the mines, diverting water from the hills above the site to wash away waste rock,leaving the heavier gold behind.

Your school can take a guided underground tour, discovering techniques, even touch walls where Roman picks would have struck the rock face; the marks can still be seen today!

Our Roman session 'Daily life - Roman Child' gives your pupils a hands-on experience sorting shale in the dark, handling tools and wearing Roman-style clothing.

Afterwards, they can try their hands at gold panning, and discover evidence of the Romans on our overground tour. You can make use of our schools room and picnic area during you visit, as well as the shop and tea rooms.

Education Group Membership is your best-value option, with free admission for all on the school trip to Dolaucothi. We can help you with this during your visit; more information at

We are open to school visits all year round. See you soon!