Museum of London

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Museum of London overlooks the Roman remains of the city wall and tells the story of Londoners from prehistoric and Roman times through to the bustling multicultural London of today. Spectacular collections, immersive spaces and child-friendly interactive exhibits offer a wealth of learning opportunities to inspire learning across the curriculum.

The Roman London gallery is extremely popular with schools. Reconstructed rooms, models, original mosaics and a stunning collection of tools, pots, skeletons, armour, shoes and other everyday objects reveal the way Roman Londoners lived and worked. From July 2012 the gallery also includes the Our Londinium 2012 exhibition, comparing past and present through thought-provoking comparisons of modern and Roman objects and other creative responses such as films and poetry.

Free sessions include: investigating original Roman objects; trying on replica Roman clothes (including armour); meeting Roman characters, such as a retired soldier, a slave woman (who has won her freedom,) or a merchant and his wife, both of African descent. We also run a creative literacy session analysing the quest structure of Roman myths and using Roman artefacts as a source of inspiration.

Visits are free but must be booked in advance. Please see for details.