Roman Army Museum

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In the spacious indoor Roman Army Museum, groups can explore the life of a Roman soldier through many different interpretive styles including the award-winning Edge of Empire 3D film which follows the new recruit Aquila and his life on Hadrian’s Wall. Other displays include Roman Soldiers and the Empire, the Invasion of Britain, Hadrian and daily life on the frontier.

Our fabulous education room at The Roman Army Museum is an action-packed Roman classroom where you and your pupils can interact with our Roman teacher Velius Longus who will emerge from the past via a hologram, complete with his remarkable magic blackboard.

A group of more than 15 also receives a 10% discount if you book for this museum. The Roman Army Museum lies just to the south of Hadrian’s Wall and visitors to the museum can take a short walk to Walltown Crags. Here you can see one of the highest standing sections of the Wall. If you would like to make a fabulous day out on Hadrian’s Wall you can book both Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum and receive a 20% discount off the admission.

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