Roman Legion Museum

Roman Legion Museum, © Philip Halling, <a href=''target='_new'>Wikimedia Commons</a>

Step back in time at the National Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon. One of only three permanent fortresses in Roman Britain the ruins include the most complete amphitheatre in Britain and the only remains of a Roman Legionary barracks on view anywhere in Europe.

At the National Roman Legion Museum we have an exciting programme of curriculum-linked workshops and events. General visits include the opportunity to explore our wide-ranging collection that highlights the lives of soldiers and civilians who lived here nearly 2,000 years ago. We have a full-sized replica barrack room where visitors can try on armour and experience life as a Roman soldier.

We also offer a range of facilitated sessions that bring history alive, ranging from role play sessions where you can experience visiting a Roman doctor or being a slave to hands on archaeology sessions. For more information visit or follow us on or Twitter @RomanCaerleon