Royal Cornwall Museum

Royal Cornwall Museum, © Elaine Hamby, <a href=','target='_new'>Wikimedia Commons</a>

The Royal Institute of Cornwall was founded in 1818, and since then the organisation has worked tirelessly to make historical and cultural knowledge available to the public. Exhibiting a wide range of artefacts from all over the world, the Royal Cornwall Museum is a true delight, and an educational journey.

The museum offers a Key Stage 2 workshop on Roman history called 'Roman Life'. In the workshop, children will examine original artefacts, estimate their uses, and learn in which room they would be placed in a Roman villa. There is also the opportunity to make a Roman lamp using originals as inspiration.

The museum also offers an artefacts loan box, with supporting resources, for use in the classroom.

For more information and to book please call 01872 272205 x245 or email [email protected]