The Roman Baths

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The Roman Baths is a favourite for children and their teachers to find out about the Romans and Roman Britain, and children can work with original Roman material. We have a specially designed education space with a stunning view overlooking the Great Bath. It is probably the only teaching space in Britain in which children are positively encouraged to look out of the window! It is definitely the only one with a secret floor panel, through which you can look down to the great Roman drain four metres below!

For Key Stage 2 children, we offer two exciting workshops:

Meet the Romans
A 1-hour interactive session exploring History, Literacy, Numeracy and Art. Handling, observation and the 'Counter Challenge' offer pupils the chance to explore Roman bathing at this historic site.  An opportunity to touch real Roman artefacts.

Roman Life
A 1-hour interactive session, covering general aspects of Roman life. Choose one handling session focused on either bathing, buildings and technology, or cooking and food. Add two activities chosen from Togas and Tunics, Write On, or Marvellous Mosaics to make your own combination. Touch real Roman artefacts!

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