Wroxeter Roman City

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Winner of the Sandford Award (2008) in recognition of high-quality education, Wroxeter Roman City gives children a fascinating insight into Roman life. The site contains the remains of 2nd-century Roman baths, a museum about Roman Wroxeter (the 4th largest city in Roman Britain), as well as the Roman town house recently featured on Channel 4. The town house was built in 6 months using completely Roman methods, and serves as a modern-day example of the sheer ingenuity of Roman architecture.

Part of the English Heritage Discovery Visits, the site offers the following workshops:

Romans at Wroxeter
- An interactive tour focusing on the Roman city of Wroxeter
- An interesting insight into the lives of those living in the city, citizens and slaves.

A Wroxter Experience
- A whole day of learning about Roman Wroxeter
- An interactive tour of the town house
- Object handling
- An interactive tour focusing on the Roman city of Wroxeter.

For more information and to book please visit services.english-heritage.org.uk/educationbookings or call 0870 333 0606.