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York Museums Trust has again been awarded the Sandford Award for Heritage Education and the Learning outside the Classroom Quality badge for all our sites, reflecting our high quality learning service. All our sessions are delivered by experienced learning staff and include special opportunities for pupils to handle real museum artefacts from our collections.

Roman Workshops
Exploring Eboracum – KS2
1 hour 30 mins
Pupils meet the Censor for Eboracum, who needs their help to complete his records and correctly identify the citizens from the slaves. Pupils dress as Romans and then through handling real artefacts and taking part in hands-on activities the pupils investigate the lives of six characters who lived in Roman York. The activities include using a quern stone, creating roman hairstyles, building a roman arch, trying on replica roman armour. The session brings to life how both the rich and poor lived and involves pupils in teamwork and problem solving.

A Legionary's Life – KS2
1 hour 30 mins
Adapted from the popular Fire Away session.
Pupils discover what it was like being a soldier in the Roman army and living in the Fortress of Eboracum (Roman York). Pupils will learn about soldier's equipment, armour, battle formations and weapons before being put through their paces in a drill session. In groups pupils design and build their own model catapult to discover who has the most fire power!

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